SEA LA Presents: An Evening With DIVERTcity


About the Event:

What would you do if you knew it was possible?

We all think about this almost everyday, but unfortunately obstacles in our lives hold us back from pursuing our wildest dreams.

This month, the Social Enterprise Alliance is proud to showcase DIVERTcity, a social enterprise startup that is using action sports, and the lifestyles that surround these sports, to help underpriviledged kids overcome the obstacles in their lives to "Achieve Their I'mpossible."

Join us for A Night at DIVERTcity, hosted by Plug and Play Tech Center, for an interactive and experiential evening filled with skateboarding, art, music, and more. Let the DIVERTcity founders, alongside their guests Next Up Foundation and Rhythmalizm, show you how to you "Achieve Your I'mpossible."


About DIVERTcity:

At DIVERTcity, we believe in the inspirational and transformative power of action sports. It is our mission to use the medium of action sports, and the lifestyles they represent, to inspire and empower on a massive scale. That is why it is our goal to develop Los Angeles' first mixed-used action sports complex that serves underpriviledged youth and low-income communities.

About Social Enterprise Alliance - Los Angeles:

The purpose of Social Enterprise Alliance Los Angeles is to support and advance the field of Social Enterprise in the region through networking, training, public education, and advocacy. SEA LA has established an extensive network of Los Angeles based social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, social investors, and organizations interested using business practices to address critical social issues. We encourage and support LA-based social entrepreneurs through mentorships, financial support and training, advocate for a local, statewide and national policy agenda that supports social enterprise, and engage the broader SoCal community with respect to emerging trends and opportunities in the field. The Social Enterprise Alliance is the only member organization in North America to bring together the diverse community of Social Enterprise.

About Sports and Social Change:

Sports and Social Change is a sports marketing consultancy focusing on cause marketing, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and social enterprise development in sports business, offering a range of strategic marketing services to brands, teams, leagues, athletes, nonprofits, foundations and affiliated businesses in sports. Uniquely positioned in the sports business community, the company channels the industry's talent and resources to address critical social issues through innovative cause marketing campaigns, brand & nonprofit partnerships, corporate social responsibility initiatives and empowerment on social enterprise models in sports business. To further grow the field of sport and development, Sports and Social Change highlights best practices, educates nonprofit organizations, and provides access to information, resources and opportunities for those seeking connections with mission-driven organizations that use sports to empower change. 

About Next Up Foundation:

The Next Up Foundation is a non-profit organization offering a “cool” alternative to traditional after-school programs–one that appeals to many hard-to-reach kids. We believe that some life lessons can be learned best on a skateboard. Our foundation contributes to its local community by being a positive mentoring force in the lives of young people and offers them a unique and active support system. The objective of Next Up Foundation is to demonstrate through skateboarding that, as in life, setting specific, attainable goals and approaching them with determination and optimism allows us to build confidence, overcome obstacles, and exceed our own expectations.

About Rhythmalizm:

Rhythmalizm is a quarterly exploration of creative expression. Erected at the epicenter of LA’s cultural renaissance, a diverse group of musicians and industry professionals have created a platform for young aspiring music lovers to dive into creative process with award winning songwriters while gaining practical insight on the plethora of opportunities within the music business. Rhythmalizm targets under served youth ages 14-24 providing the access & knowledge necessary to evolve as creative professionals and functioning members of society. Each quarter Rhythmalizm will host a live event providing a unique opportunity for students to witness creative success, while taking one step closer to achieving this reality themselves.

About Plug and Play:

We get asked a lot about what we do. Are we an accelerator? A co-working space? An investor? A place for corporate innovation?
The truth is, we are all of those things and more. Every single year, hundreds of entrepreneurs pass through our vertical-specific accelerator programs and team up with our corporate partners. Nearly 400 startup have long-term office space in the building too. It is the perfect place to meet likeminded innovators. And, yes, we invest in A LOT of companies. We make seed investments in our accelerator programs, and have a stage-agnostic fund for companies a little further down the line. To top it all off we have a huge list of qualified mentors, angels, and VCs that combine at the events we run every week. Stop by and let’s make a difference together.

September 27, 2016 at 6pm - 9pm
Plug and Play / Rooftop Lounge
1010 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90017
United States
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