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SEA-LA recognizes that funding to launch or expand a social enterprise is often a challenge. That’s why we were excited when Kiva began its’ Kiva Zip program. The Kiva Zip program is strongly focused on creating economic opportunity for individuals and business that are socially and environmentally conscious. This is a crowd funding website, so borrowers are funded by individual lenders around the world.  Although the program is still young, Kiva Zip has supported @600 socially responsible businesses across the country in the past 18 months.

Anyone can help by lending as little as $5.00 to the entrepreneur(s) of your choice. These loans are at a 0% interest rate with no fees. If you are not already a lender, you can start now by supporting one of our local social entrepreneurs:

Us Too Gymnastics, in Lake Forest, is a center for children with special needs, especially autism. Founded by Dena Lusardi,  this nonprofit social enterprise provides individualized programming and instruction for children and teens with special needs using the physical and mental developmental benefits of gymnastics. Now kids with special needs have the opportunity to be part of an extracurricular activity rather than be hurt or depressed because they are not accepted.

In 2012, Us Too added classes for “normal” kids. This enabled them to expand their impact and their earned income. Now “special” kids are often able to transition into a class with typical peers. The result is that they are busting at the seams and need funds to move into a bigger facility.  With the support of Kiva Zip lenders,  they can start having more than one class at a time and help kids with special needs thrive and be part of their community.

Click here to Support Dena -- She has 8 days left to raise $2700!

In 2015 Kiva Zip will begin the process of integrating into its parent organization Kiva. Integration will enable Kiva Zip to take advantage of Kiva’s 1.4 million lenders, lending teams, gift cards, and corporate giving thus increasing capacity to support more entrepreneurs.

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