Altepeter, Joe (Board) Downtown Women's Center
Bawden, Amy  
Bentis, Nadine USC Marshall School of Business
Bergman, Beth Bergman and Allderdice
Berquist, Peter  
Blackwood, LaWanda Affecting Change Inc.
Bollinger, Zoe (Board) WET
Brauner, Gail The Grantsmanship Center
Brodwin, Howard (Board) Sports & Social Change
Butler, Anastasia (Board) Sustainable Law Group, P.C.
Butler, LaMecia REDF
Campbell, Karen Community Counts
Castaneda, Keri Ability First
Chern, Karen (Board) REDF
Chin, Emily Chrysalis
Clay, Pamela Living Advantage
Colao, kevin  
Congress, Audra  
Cordero, Ashley (Board) REDF
Cross, Sue (Board) CROSS Strategy
Cruz, Johana Social & Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE)
Cuellar, Erika Alma Backyard Farms
De La Loza Rivera, Nicole Downtown Women's Center
DeMarco, Lisa  
Densmore, Betsy (Board) Academies for Social Entrepreneurship
Donaldson, Darla Assitant Professor of Finance and Social Entrepreneurship, CA Baptist University
Dooling, Catherine Downtown Women's Center
Duggan, Kea LA Conservation Corps
Edelstein, Norah (Board) Accomplishment Coaching
Emmerson, Mark Legacy of the Angels
Espinoza, Sarah Downtown Women's Center
Everett, Tony Pure Game
Ferro, Marta Starfish Impact
Floersch, Barbara The Grantsmanship Center
Garcia, Dawn ATOD Magazine {A Taste of Dawn}
Gilbreath, Aimee Found Animals
Goss, Kyle  
Graham, Leslie Sasa Designs by the Deaf
Hawthorne, Latoya Downtown Women's Center
Henderson, Scott Doing Good Works
Hertz, Laura  
Hoffman, Jennifer Social & Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE)
Holton, Archie Academies for Social Entrepreneurship
Hudson, Paul Paul C. Hudson Consulting
Jackson-Zapata, Cecily Sustainable Law Group
Jacobson, Pamela (Board) Tierra del Sol Foundation
Kale, Trevor Chrysalis
Keating, Nicole Woodbury - Masters in Social Justice Program
Kim, Mika (Board) Place of the Future 
Kiritz, Cathleen The Grantsmanship Center
Klein, Cheryl Homeboy Industries
Koken, Dave Lokal Travel
Larsen, Josh  
Larson, Molly Chrysalis
Lee, Vivienne REDF
Lensing, Scott Chrysalis
Levine, Jessica USC Marshall Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab
Loranger, Mark Chrysalis
Lykins, Brooke Downtown Women's Center
Martin, Lauree Downtown Women's Center
Martinez, Julio The Grantsmanship Center
Montalvo, Susan (Board)  
Mosher, Holly (Board) Filmmaker For Change
Ndefo, Nkem TRE Los Angeles
Pardes, Deborah Brave and Brilliant
Profeta, Mary Ann Working Wardrobes
Reno, Elizabeth Give Her Life
Roden, Tracy Downtown Women's Center
Rogers, Diane  
Serrano, Vanessa AbilityFirst
Shah, Ravi UCLA Green IT Team
Shen, Jennifer Blue Garnet
Sherman, Dana  
Siddiqui, Tanya The Grantsmanship Center
Simpson, Marge  
Sivanand, Bhavna  
Smith, Sarah REDF
Sopp, Shawna The Help Group
Stephenson, Roger The Grantsmanship Center
Stenson, Hollie Pepperdine - Social Entrepreneurship and Change
Stevens, David Pepperdine - Social Entrepreneurship and Change
Stone, Amy  
Summers, Gail  
Taylor, Tamara Lee Show Up Strong
Thrasher, Jerçc Hope Through Housing Foundation
Tolliver, Jimisha The Grantsmanship Center
Tomioka, Ariel  
Tompkins, Brian Weingart Foundation
Toyoshima, Erin  
Ueno, Becki Sustainable Law Group
Wagner, Carolyn Do Good LA
Watson, Lisa Downtown Women's Center
Wenzel, Rob  
White, Natasha Work Square
Williams, Kim Independent Consultant
Wilson, Elizabeth Chrysalis
Wu, Louisa Soul-Centered Coach, Speaker, Facilitator
Younkin, Dena Downtown Women's Center



Benoist, Gray

Bledsoe, Benjamin (expired)

Buehler, Kai (expired)

Caimano, Vincent (expired)

Cervantes, Ellen (expired)

Chen, Way-Ting (expired)

Collins, Vanda (expired)

Doi, Kerry (expired)

Donaldson, Darla (expired)

Dorsey, Alex (expired)

Ersoylu, Leah (expired)

Fitzpatrick-Wilks, Janet (expired)

Foster, Michele (expired)

Friendly, Rebecca (expired)

Garrett, Cory (expired)

Gilbreath, Aimee (expired)

Girdwood, Christopher (expired)

Helfrich, Tiffany (expired)

Howard-Mariscal, Ami (expired)

Huang, Suzanne (expired)

Hudson, Paul (expired)

Jackley, Jessica (expired)

Johnson, Shannon (expired)

Kerr, Janet (expired)

Kietzma, David (expired)

Kramer, Janet (expired)

Lewis, James (expired)

Lindler, Nicole (expired)

Mauriello, Dana (expired)

Morehead, Claudia (expired)

Munoz, Deborah

North, Angela (expired)

Northrop, Gayle (expired)

Paez, Paul (expired)

Palacios, Lorena (expired)

Ramos, David (expired)

Resnik, Laurenne (expired)

Sall, David (expired)

Santizo, Iczel (expired)

Sawa, Ken (expired)

Solis, Catalina (expired)

Sullivan, John (Board) (expired)

Tischler, Ryan (expired)

Tompkins, Brian (expired)

Truatwein, Mary Beth (expired)

Waller, Raleigh (expired)

Weber, Margaret (expired)

Welch, Zoe (expired

Weston, Whitney (expired)

Winski, Debra (expired)

Xue, Hanyu (Yolanda) (expired)

Yancor, Suelen (expired)


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