Originally for me, social enterprise was a new concept that I needed to understand rather quickly.  My first involvement with SEA-LA was at the Summit 2013.  It was an opportunity to learn with the experts in the field.  The knowledge and the networking keep me coming back. - Joe Altepeter


What I see with SEA-LA is that there is a kindred spirit thread among all the people who show up.  Whether they are for-profit or not-for profit, whatever they are bringing to it, they are trying to find a way forward that is making the world better. - Max Gail, Jr.


For me the value of being a member of SEA-LA has given me the opportunity to share my experience having started a social enterprise.  I also see how its deeply affected the lives of those I’ve worked with – both in terms of financial and human capital of social enterprise is equally important. - John Sullivan


I tell people that there is no other place in LA where you will be in such a group of passionate, committed business people.  It’s unlike any other networking in the city.  Social Enterprise Alliance attracts all levels of people, so it attracts top talent. - Norah Edelstein


SEA-LA has given Chrysalis the opportunity to explore other markets, by giving them exposure to experts in other markets and to see if that market is a place that Chrysalis can expand the sandbox that we play in. - Liz Wilson


SEA-LA gives us a platform to inform policymakers how social enterprises build local, sustainable economies and identify ways we can support organizations that make positive contributions to our community. - Cecily Jackson-Zapata

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